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Advisory and Deployment Services

Identity & Access Management is an invasive undertaking for any organization. Add to the challenge a dynamic landscape of new technology and user expectations of a “seamless” experience. To further blur the lines, there is a rapid convergence of internal and external identities, where access originates from both inside and outside of your network.

Today’s rapidly changing identity landscape requires advice from a partner with decades of experience, and hundreds of successful consulting engagements behind them. Furthermore, you need perspective regarding how you can consolidate your technology investments to manage both internal and external identities with fewer solutions and less complexity. Modernizing your identity & access management program is our primary goal with an approach that will lead your business further into the digital age.


Identity Management Advisory

Whether you are starting at ground zero or you have a mature identity program that needs a refresh, SecureITsource can provide you with the strategy necessary to build a plan.


Deployment Engineering

Your deployment partner’s approach must be in line with your business drivers. If you choose the right partner, they will listen to your requirements and help you to align the approach in achieving those goals.


Cloud Access Strategy and Deployment

A cloud access strategy introduces many complex decisions that extend well beyond which products to select. Do you lift and shift? Or do you build new identity infrastructure with SaaS?


Consumer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)

Your customers are the heartbeat of your business. If they can’t access the right information at the right time, you risk losing them to a competitor. Establishing an efficient and secure platform for time sensitive transactions provides your customers with the business value they demand.


Assessments and Roadmaps

The hardest questions for an organization to answer are where are we now, and where do we want to go? Like almost anything, it takes objectivity to look at your present state and determine if that picture is good, bad, or somewhere in between.


Product Evaluation and Selection

Each organization’s IAM journey is unique depending upon your objectives. Is your organization heavily compliance driven? Is your focus on modernization and user experience? What are the needs of your operations team and business team?


IAM Architecture, Design, and Deployment

Deploying an Identity and access management program is a long-term journey. For many organizations, it is a commitment to existing, and perhaps new IAM solutions.


Privileged Account Management Architecture , Design, and Deployment

Privileged accounts are the most vulnerable piece of your attack surface. Understanding what components of your account and application ecosystem should be considered privileged is the key to designing the right security.