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Identity & Access Management is one of the most complex journeys an organization can undertake. It is invasive, as it will affect every user within an organization. It is expensive, not just in the form of products and services, but also in terms of the commitment that is required at all levels of the organization.

At SecureITsource, years of experience helping our clients through the Identity Journey allow us to provide the perspective necessary to succeed. We understand industry best practices and the steps that are required to deploy a robust Identity Program that is designed for your business. The key is starting at the beginning and designing a roadmap with clear milestones. Where are we today? Where do we want to go? What are we willing to invest? What are the ultimate goals of our Identity Program?

SecureITsource Offers Identity Program Assessments to Address the Needs of Any Sized Business

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Compliance First (Identify)

Many think of an IAM Program as a means to remove manual tasks and automate the management of the Identity Lifecycle. While that is a goal of an IAM Program, it should not be the first priority. Instead, focus on establishing solid standards, processes, and frameworks that meet your compliance requirements and your business needs. The output of this effort will ensure that you have good data and compliance-based processes which will avoid costly rework down the road. Standards will keep your environment consistent and establish guidelines for the future as the business grows.

The foundation of any complex process is to understand what you have to work with in terms of data and sources of data. We call the first phase of IAM the “Identify” stage. It is focused on learning about your environment and building the basic framework of an identity program, which is the data itself.

The Roadmap to Mature IAM

IAM Maturity Model