March 31, 2020

Making Work from Home Transition Easy and Free

By Ken Stone, CEO The ongoing events surrounding COVID-19 have had a more far-reaching impact than many of us could have imagined. The sudden shift to […]
April 2, 2020

Why Do Identity Programs Fail?

SecureITsource Co-Founder and Principal David Mattos talks with us about some of the issues that can arise in an Identity Program and make them fail. Do […]
April 2, 2020

Helping You Reach Maturity in Identity Management

SecureITsource helps our clients to envision, design, and deploy successful IAM Programs. In order to better understand the IAM Journey, we have developed a Maturity Model […]
April 2, 2020

Using Okta to Unify and Simplify Your Identity Program

Identity programs have become more and more complex over time, preventing organizations from managing their users and systems in simple, consistent ways. At SecureITsource, we partner […]
September 13, 2019

CyberArk EPM – Culture Shifts in Security Implementation

Rahsaan Knights, Consultant, SecureITsource, Inc.   Introduction CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager is the authority in endpoint group policy management, with an ever-growing toolset used to empower […]
August 6, 2019

Eliminating Passwords in the Enterprise

Mike Campbell, Senior Consultant, SecureITsource, Inc. Passwords. We all have them. A username that identifies who you are, and a corresponding password to prove it, because […]
June 6, 2019

Your Identity Delivery Partner’s Culture Is Important to You – Here’s Why

Jonathan Edwards, Director of IAM Strategy, SecureITsource, Inc. You have spent months researching, conducting assessments, identifying requirements, watching demos or performing Proof of Concepts (PoC), and […]
April 25, 2019

Considering the big picture with access management solutions

Gage Heeringa, IAM Consultant, SecureITsource, Inc. The implementation of any system meant to address a complex issue may succumb to a common pitfall: focusing on fine-grained […]
April 9, 2019

Another one bites the dust

Gary Jolley, IAM Consultant, SecureITsource, Inc. Many of my friends and contacts are in Information Technology in some shape or form and most are in Cybersecurity […]
March 29, 2019

Gaining Control of Runaway Administrator Accounts Using the CyberArk Privileged Access Solution

Mike Winslow, Senior IAM Consultant, SecureITsource, Inc. One of the hardest types of accounts to gain control of is the privileged administrator account. Every Windows system […]
February 21, 2019

Case Study – SailPointIIQ & CyberArk for Financial Services

Company Overview   An American Financial Services Firm. FSOC designated Systemically Important Financial Market Utility. Over $100 Billion in margin holdings Employee Size: ~1000 Employees   […]
December 20, 2018

Reining in Roles with Access Management Solutions

Gage Heeringa, IAM Consultant, SecureITsource, Inc. A fundamental business problem that is addressed by an organization’s Identity and Access Management (IAM) implementation is how to model […]
January 17, 2017

The Internet of Things and its effect on Enterprise Security

Mike Campbell, IAM Consultant, SecureITsource, Inc. Smart devices comprised a network of almost 23 billion devices in 2016. While internet-connected devices remain mostly in the consumer […]