8/11/2020 - Webinar: The Missing Link to “Mastering” a Modern Identity Program

Time: 2:00pm EST


Organizations go to great lengths to mature identity programs for their employee workforce while third parties and non-employees remain an afterthought, or are ignored altogether. These third parties present increased risk for the enterprise as over 60% of breaches can be attributed to them.

So why don’t they garner the same rigor in data collection and proactive identity management? In many cases, more than a dozen people play a role in onboarding, maintaining and offboarding third party identities. Automating lifecycle management while utilizing advanced mastering techniques for these risky populations improves operational efficiency and fortifies your organization’s security posture.

What You'll Learn in this Webinar:
Attend this webinar as Paul DeGraaf, industry renown IAM expert (Weight Watchers, AIG, DTCC), leads a discussion with Jonathan Edwards, Senior Director of IAM Strategy at SecureITsource, and Cassie Christensen, Senior Solutions Advisor, SecZetta provide insights on:

  • The growing reliance on third parties and the impact this has on identity and risk
  • The challenges presented by current processes and systems when providing sufficient contextual identity data
  • Key considerations needed to make well-informed decisions about provisioning, verifying, and deprovisioning access

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8/27/2020 - Webinar: Lessons Learned: How to Successfully Address Endpoint Privilege

Time: 2:00pm EST


Balancing end-point protection and productivity is a difficult task. Thanks in part to COVID-19, most organizations’ users are no longer geographically centralized and connected to the corporate network, making their workstations a primary target for malware.

Endpoint security, with an emphasis on Privilege management, has been identified as a tactical necessity and put a spotlight on industry-best endpoint security solutions like CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM).

Join SecureITSource and CyberArk as we discuss:

  • Building CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager (EPM) according to your enterprise's goals, meeting core requirements first
  • Best practices and key success factors in your EPM deployment
  • Core PAS integration: Loosely Connected Devices and how it can address privilege accounts when a workstation is offline

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9/16/2020 - Webinar: 5 Steps to Achieve Identity & Access Management Maturity

Time: 2:00pm EST


Identity & Access Management (IAM) is one of the hardest journey’s that an organization can undertake. It is invasive, affecting the way every employee accesses information to do their jobs. IAM is also expensive, so doing it wrong and having to do it over is not an option.

The question many ask is, “Where do I start?”.

Successfully Navigate the IAM Journey with Our Roadmap

SecureITsource created the IAM Maturity Model to help break down IAM into more digestible steps. The five main components of the Maturity Model are designed to prioritize your efforts, starting with the foundation of standards, clean data, and good process. Without these initial components firmly in place, most IAM Programs will inevitably fail. Alternatively, companies that master the basics can successfully navigate this difficult journey to achieve full maturity to protect against evolving threats.

Join us for a Webinar on Thursday August 20 at 2PM EST to learn the 5 steps to ensure a successful IAM journey from start to maturity. Learn how to:

  • Determine your level of IAM maturity from 0 to 9
  • Achieve IAM success and maturity regardless of what stage you’re in
  • Select a partner to guide you through the process

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Registrants will receive a copy of the Complete IAM Journey Handbook that provides a roadmap for success.