Global Brokerage Firm

Technologies deployed: SailPoint, CyberArk, Okta, HashiCorp

SecureITsource is a strategic IAM Partner with us. Their team has assisted on all aspects of our Program, including governance, , customer identity management, PKI, and privileged account management. As a true partner in this process, the SecureITsource team has been instrumental in designing, architecting, and deploying our solutions utilizing industry best practices. Their assistance has helped us to validate our IAM investments with our senior team. This validation allows us to continually get the budget needed to sustain our efforts. As a next step in our IAM roadmap, we have engaged SecureITsource to help us to modernize our access program, including customer identity management initiatives. The modernization effort will streamline our IAM Program and allow us to scale our IAM investments for both internal and external access needs.

Global Healthcare

Technologies deployed: SailPoint, CyberArk

We are one of the largest financial and administrative information exchanges in the United States, providing revenue and payment cycle management for patients and providers in the U.S. healthcare system. Extensive growth was fueled by multiple acquisitions, introducing a myriad of new applications, technologies, and people. While access was properly managed, the governance of the identities was a gap that we needed to fill. We met with SecureITsource and felt that their “compliance first” approach would help us to build audit, compliance, and governance standards that could meet our industry’s rigorous standards. As a result of our engagement, we established consistency in our processes and then automated those processes with our software solution. The result was an audit which found ZERO exceptions that were related to IAM!

Global Financial Services Firm

Technologies deployed: CyberArk, SailPoint, ForgeRock

Our relationship with SecureITsource began with a tactical deployment of CyberArk AIM. Once we began working with them, we quickly realized that their team brought much more than engineering expertise to the table. The partnership has grown tremendously, and they now support the strategy and deployment for the majority of our IAM infrastructure including PAM, IGA, and access both inside and outside of our company.

Large Manufacturing Firm

Services provided: Advisory, comprehensive IAM assessment

Until now, our company did not invest heavily in an IAM Program. It was definitely time. With little to no IAM expertise in-house, we needed advice to get us started. We met the SecureITsource team at a conference and determined that they brought the expertise we needed to develop a strategy. They provided a three-week IAM Assessment to help us understand our current state and what we needed in order to establish a formalized IAM process. The assessment helped us to see where our business intersected with IAM, which provided the information we needed to evaluate IAM products and services with our business needs in mind. The results of the assessment and detailed reports produced by SecureITsource accelerated our ability to get buy-in for a new IAM program from the highest levels of our organization. We have since been able to secure the funding and support necessary to build an IAM Program that has our company’s future in mind.

Fortune 500 Provider of Marketing Services

Technologies deployed: SailPoint

When the need arose for expert assistance with our ServiceNow (SnOW) integration with SailPoint, we looked no further than the team at SecureITsource. From initial scoping to finished solution, the care, concern and attention to detail were well beyond what anyone thought possible. Even after the engagement closed out, the SecureITsource Team were available for follow-on questions and tweaks. I can’t think of a more trusted team of Professionals to help you achieve your INFOSEC goals.